Sloth and Coffee
Sloth and Coffee

Sloth and Coffee

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This listing is for the purchase of one ready to press sublimation print. You will receive one printed sublimation design in the size of your choice. 

- For best results, transfer must be used on material containing at least 50% polyester, but 100% will give you the best results. Using lower polyester content gives a vintage look. Prints are made on premium sublimation paper using premium sublimation inks. *Colors may vary due to individual monitor settings.

-Material must be LIGHT in color (White for best results). There is no white printed on the design. Where there is white in the design, the color of your fabric will show through.

- You MUST have HEAT PRESS (not a Cricut Easy Press) to use these transfers.
* Pressing instructions: Heat press to 380° Fahrenheit (adjustments may be needed depending on your
individual press)
* Set timer for 35-45 seconds
* Pressure should be medium
* Use unwaxed butcher paper or parchment paper and place a sheet inside the garment.
* Place garment on heat press
* Place transfer face down on garment
* Cover with a second sheet of parchment paper
* Press for full length of timer
* Carefully remove parchment paper and transfer paper while hot

Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have prior to placing your order.